This is a Demo Version of Your Store. You can click on any of the categories displayed and find out how your products will appear according to our e-commerce package.

Shape Your Sales is an open source web portal product of Care Comp which caters to the needs of all business sectors. Itís a package which can be customized to ease the way e-store business functions. The services are solely provided and managed by Care Comp.


means Care Comp and, to the extent applicable, any other business entity that is the group Company of Care Comp or a subsidiary of Care Comp.


Confidential Information

 means (a) Trade Secrets and (b) all other information, whether or not it is recorded or embodied in a thing that is identified to me as being confidential to the Company.



means all information concerning technical, administrative, financial, manufacturing or marketing activities,  including without limitation, engineering, design, manufacturing, and procurement  specifications, source codes and data; manufacturing processes, techniques, and know- how; information processing processes or programs; formulas, techniques and know-how; research and development plans; trade secrets; marketing plans and strategies; customer names and other data; and cost and financial data.



means any discovery, invention, improvement, process, formula, or technique whether patentable or not.



means any physical embodiment of Information, regardless of whether I or somebody else created it, including, without limitation, designs, drawing, specifications, source codes, recording media for machine information- processing systems (such as discs, ROMS and tapes that contain information), documentation of all types, contracts, reports, manuals, list, quotation, proposals, correspondence, notebooks, and samples.


Proprietary Invention

means any invention I made, conceived, or reduced to practice, either alone or with others (a) either in course of performing work for the Company or at Companyís expense or, (b) that results from tasks assigned to me by my Company, or (c) whose creation ordinarily would be associated with my then current responsibilities as an employee.


Trade secrets

means any Information, whether or not it is recorded or embodied in a thing, that is not readily available from either Company or another source without restrictions on its use and disclosure and whose use by the Company gives it an opportunity to obtain an advantage over competitors who do not use it.